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Where to Vote, How to Vote, How to Register to Vote, How to Get a Ride to Vote – JUST VOTE!

New Hampshire is going to be sooo close, in so many races – don’t sit this one out! Your voice matters and your vote counts. If you are in Nashua here’s a rundown of Election Day essentials.

Nashua Polls Open:

6am – 8pm (If you are in line when the polls close, THEY HAVE TO LET YOU VOTE)

Polling Locations:

  • Ward 1: Broad Street Elementary School, 390 Broad Street
  • Ward 2: Charlotte Avenue Elementary School, 48 Charlotte Avenue
  • Ward 3: Amherst Street Elementary School, 71 Amherst Street
  • Ward 4: Ledge Street Elementary School, 139 Ledge Street
  • Ward 5: Main Dunstable Elementary School, 20 Whitford Road
  • Ward 6: Fairgrounds Middle School, 27 Cleveland Street
  • Ward 7: Dr. Normand Crisp Elementary School, 50 Arlington Street
  • Ward 8: Bicentennial Elementary School, 296 East Dunstable Road
  • Ward 9: New Searles Elementary School, 39 Shady Lane

Don’t Know Your Ward?

You can confirm you voting location by entering in your address here.  You can also check by street or find your home on this handy and colorful map of the wards.

At the Polls and Forgot Your ID?

You should bring a photo ID with you to vote, but if you forget you can still vote! You can either 1. have your identity verified by a voting official at your voting location or 2. be photographed by a voting official at your voting location before you vote (if you object to being photographed for religious reasons, you can sign a sworn statement instead)

Also, it’s okay if your ID expired in the last 5 years. Acceptable forms of photo ID also includes NH student ID card, U.S. passcard or ANY photo ID deemed reasonable by your election official.

Not Registered? 

NH is the coolest state because it is the only one where you can register to vote AT the polls ON election day. Just bring a photo ID with you and proof of NH residency, like a bill or vehicle registration.

Need a Ride?

Hop on a Nashua city bus tomorrow for a FREE ride to your polls. Just alert the bus driver when you get on that you are using the bus to vote. OR, call one of the campaign offices of either party. They will have people who can pick you up and give you a ride to the polls. OR you can Uber! Check out my post on how to use the awesome ride sharing app.

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Still have questions? Tweet me at @GraniteSteGirl anytime on Election Day and I will research/find out for you/give you a ride – no excuses not to vote in this historic election. 



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