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The Elegance of Takumi Restaurant

Takumi is just one of those restaurants that as soon as you walk in you really feel like you’re “dining out”. A bubbly koi pond greets you at the entrance before you choose between three dining areas, each with a minimalist decor that perfectly complements the clean and simple umami flavors that wait for you inside.


Where: Takumi Japanese Sushi & Hibachi, 197 Daniel Webster Highway, Nashua, NH 03060


Tip: On Sunday kids get a free teppan dinner with the order of one adult teppan dinner entree. They also have a popular Express Lunch deal during Mon – Sat with a buffet station.


When Takumi first opened it was my one of earliest experiences with sushi….except I was a vegetarian. Still, I would sit at the sushi bar and devour rolls made with crunchy pickled radish, or crisp thin slice of cucumber or one of my favorites, grilled egg on a bed of rice.


After college I began eating fish, and so I moved over to the dining room area of Takumi during my visits home. Here I indulged in the ridiculously tasty sushi. I’ve had sloppy, messy rolls with less than stellar fish before, but never at Takumi. It’s always fresh fish, neatly rolled or skillfully plated.

And then life came full circle. Although it pains me to even write it, I realized this year I may have developed a fish allergy. Although now I’m back to not eating sushi, my Takumi experiences have further evolved to include their other dinner entrees.


On the far right was a sushi special, sea urchin from Japan.


I might even make it over to their hibachi room next time. In the past I’ve enjoyed my sushi while listening to sizzling flames erupting, people cheering and smelling the sweet aroma of freshly grilled food. But now that sushi isn’t on my menu I’m looking forward to sitting in front of those flames myself!


As my tastes and food needs have changed I love that I’ve been able to come to Takumi and sit in different rooms and try their diverse menu in a beautiful, modern setting. They also have a sleek bar area with comfy leather chairs in a big, open area. You might not have plans to visit Asia anytime soon, but as my dinner guest ate sushi specials of fresh fish from Japan, we agreed we were grateful that Takumi is bringing a skillful taste of Japan to Nashua.


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