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Take a Tour of the Old Nashua Mall with this Cool Video

This is neat YouTube video uploaded by Chris Reagan that made its way around the internet a year or two ago, but in case you missed it, believe me when I say its worth revisiting the old Nashua Mall. The moment I saw the old fountain in the middle of the mall I suddenly remembered all the penny wishes I threw in, and glorious ice cream sundaes at Friendly’s, or buying CDs at Strawberries and wishing I could just buy singles instead of the whole CDs (I predicted iTunes!).

It’s easy to bask in the nostalgia and say it was better back then, but I’ve never really understood the current set up of the Nashua Mall plaza. It just seems so much more convenient to me, especially in the icy cold winter, to have several stores connected with a shared interior so you can visit more than one at a time.

Even more than the mall, I miss having a movie theater in north Nashua. Remember when you could see a movie in the Nashua Mall plaza, or even a second run movie at that dirty sad theater way down Amherst St?


I hope you enjoy this stroll down memory lane! Feel free to leave a comment about what YOU miss or what kind of store you’d love to see pop up in Nashua next.



22 Comments on Take a Tour of the Old Nashua Mall with this Cool Video

  1. I loved seeing this my dad played both Santa clause and the Easter bunny there.

  2. This was awesome and it certainly did bring back memories from the late 70s and early 80s. I had a good friend who worked at Balsams! AND she now owns Runners Alley!!!!!!

  3. Chris Reagan is the owner of the video….. He always has taken the time to document thur out his years.

  4. I remember having my ears pierced at a kiosk in the middle of the mall. One person on each ear and me sitting there holding a stuffed animal and the 3 of us singing Rudolf the red nosed reindeer. Luckily the mall was pretty empty at the time, I was in my forties!

  5. I miss Cherry Webb and I miss all the stores under one roof, instead of having to go in and out in the bad weather

  6. Thank you so much for posting this walk down memory lane video. The Nashua Mall was one of a kind back then. I worked in the mall at Friendly’s, while in high school. I fondly remember so much about this local icon including the Santa Studio and our family was pictured with the big guy yearly while we were young. The Nashua Mall was more intimate than the 1M+ SF of shopping offered in South Nashua. The tenants and their employees all patronized the businesses. We all knew each other. <3

  7. Not the Nashua Mall I remember ! Then there were Woolco, Almy’s, the book store with the Paul McCartney look a like clerk, the pet store, etc.

    • Yes, that’s the version I was hoping to see:) Was this video shot in the early 90s? I remember an Orange Julius where the CVS is!

  8. Before the Bradlees was there, it was Caldor’s but that’s going back quite a while.

  9. I miss that Mall so much. It was small but had all the important stores to get all your shopping done in “one stop”. This must have been taken closer to the end of it’s life as Orange Julius was where CVS at the birth of it. Thank you

  10. Wow who’s the caveman?

  11. Caveman escapes and runs amok at shopping mall!

  12. Loved Cherry and Webb, the street that had Thomas Kincade pictures
    Loved the Santa. Good old Mrs. B where did you go still miss that store.
    Definitely better w/ stores inside. !!!!!!

  13. I unsubscribed but I continue to receive the emails. Please stop it now !!!!

  14. I worked at the mall in the Sports store that went in after the bookstore. There was a gal that worked at Cherry and Webb that would always flash me across the mall on slow weeknights. Oh to be young again!

  15. I remember the Nashua Mall very well, but it was before this video was shot. There was a tobacco shop, Singer Sew Ctr., leather store, furniture store across from Singer’s store, Orange Julius, etc.

  16. Jennifer Freitas // January 20, 2016 at 8:05 am // Reply

    this was great to see. I remember sitting by the water fountain, watching all the people – then hitting Friendly’s for a sundae.

  17. I mall was still a nascent idea back then. Heck gen x’ers invented hanging at the mall. Poor Simons was my favorite, and the shop owners really did know one another. It was the perfect size, not like the mega malls of today. Thanks for the only thing can actually capture that elusive ghost called time. Fire up the deLoreon, I want my $2, and just sit sipping on a Friendly’s shake and listen to my cronies just say anything. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Ever since I made this and put it online, the views, shares, and enjoyment it has brought people is fantastic! I’m glad. 🙂
    I wish there weren’t any glitches in it. Yet the original camera tape got damaged, and only a VHS transfer copy remained.
    I am always getting video and photos of random places and items we tend to take for granted, or just see all of the time. It’s because I like to document. So when things change or go away, these places are at least archived somewhere. It’s what I do. Ha ha.

  19. cheryl hatfield // March 20, 2016 at 9:42 am // Reply

    Before Bradley came it was Woolcos not caldor

  20. Thanks for sharing the video!

    I came to Nashua in ’98, when old Nashua Mall was close to its end-of-life. I remember going there on a weeknight with my wife and we were the only two customers in the building as far as I could tell. For some reason, one thing that sticks in my head about the place was this desk near one the entries that’s enlisting people to join the U.S. Army….

    The only hold-over from the old days is the Burlington Coat Factory, which had a ‘no refund’ policy back then (they claimed that’s how they could sell the clothes for cheap). Haven’t been there for years and wondering if they still keep that policy.

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