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At PigTale, a Restaurant as Comforting as the Food

My favorite place to get lunch, dinner AND carry out lately? PigTale.

In an assuming strip of Amherst St., PigTale is churning out the best pizzas and comfort food in town from a small, rustic dining room.

Where: PigTale Restaurant, 449 Amherst St., Nashua, NH

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A wood-fired oven creates a warm lovely glow in the restaurant and a slightly charred crust on the pizza. (It thrills me when pizza arrives with black blistering bubbles; I know a chewy bite of crust is waiting for me at the end of my slice.)


The “Pig Tale” Tomato | Fontina | Pork Shoulder Bacon | Sausage | Pickled Onion | BBQ Drizzle

PigTale takes simple ingredients and manages to elevate them with bold and complex flavors. My two favorites are the duck confit, squash, cranberries, goat cheese and kale pie and the perfectly salty clam and bacon combo.


The “Clam” Wellfleet Clams | Garlic | Bacon | Fontina

I think this might be seasonal – it’s not currently on the menu. This pic is from over the winter when I ordered it roughly a million times. It’s so good. Duck confit, squash, cranberries, goat cheese and kale.

Pizza is not the only dish that PigTale delivers.

Classics like mac and cheese and the yardbird chicken with yukon potatoes round out their menu – something for everyone, except for maybe vegans. (Fear not vegetarians, there are salads and cheese or veggie pizzas on the menu.) Check out this amazing grilled octopus appetizer I ordered every single time I came in for months:

“Grilled Octopus” appetizer – Red Wine Braised | Spicy Soppresatta | Crispy Potato Serrano Chile

Vermont Cheddar | Picnic Ham | Bread Crumbs – my 4yo nephew approved. 

Farm-to-table is a clichéd phrase now, but it still signifies a commitment to quality and community that is more than just honorable – it tastes better. Would you rather have locally sourced fresh tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, etc. on your pizza, or frozen/canned veggies thrown on and reheated?

There is also a small, fully stocked bar. It’s an intimate spot for a drink if you’re looking to avoid crowds at larger bars. (And a romantic spot to grab a drink and small plate on a date!) The cocktail menu is as sophisticated as the food. Plus, they carry local craft brews. Tip: check out their “Soulful Sundays” for live, acoustic music from local musicians to accompany your dinner. 3-7pm.

I have on at least one occasion, tried to order a pizza for carry out and they didn’t have pizza boxes… I didn’t mind. I’ll take a small restaurant over a giant pizza chain any day. The restaurant does not take reservations, and I’ve only ever seen it pretty packed. Still, PigTale is unmatched as the coziest place in Nashua to share down-to-earth, comfort food in a rustic but modern setting.


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