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New Site Feature! Nashua Community Forum

You can now find a “Nashua Community Forum” page in the middle of the menu bar. This is for you to connect with other residents to share your thoughts, questions, answers and ideas.

Nashua Community Forum

Sorry for the cheesy stock image. It was this or a pic of the Roman Forum.

I’ve kicked it off with a question – “What Nashua Needs” – to get the ball rolling and because I’m curious about what you’d love to see develop in the city. (I’d love that performing arts center to be built!) Maybe you’re curious about what venues people have used to host a party, or want to gripe about a road that needs repair – ask and connect to the most informed and engaged people in Nashua right here.

Check it out!

You must register to use the forum. Follow the simple “login” button on the right hand side.


P.S. Please bear with me as I make tweaks to the forum’s page and layout in the coming weeks. (I do this all myself, and I didn’t pay nearly enough attention in that one computer science class I took in college.)




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