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Nashua Named “Safest City” by WalletHub

“Want to feel truly safe in your hometown? Move to Nashua, New Hampshire.”

That’s how Newsweek described Nashua this week after a comprehensive study by researchers at WalletHub determined the Gate City is the safest city in the United States.

Top Ten Safest U.S. Cities:

  1. Nashua, New Hampshire
  2. South Burlington, Vermont
  3. Warwick, Rhode Island
  4. Columbia, Maryland
  5. Gilbert, Arizona
  6. Fargo, North Dakota
  7. Lewiston, Maine
  8. Plano, Texas
  9. Portland, Maine
  10. Brownsville, Texas

Source: WalletHub

The researchers analyzed 35 indicators of safety across 182 cities, including home and community safety, financial safety, and natural-disaster risk.

With a median income of $69,000 and population of 87,000, Nashua beat out other cities with low crime and low risk of natural disasters.

One factor not mentioned in the study is Nashua’s Police Department.

nashua police

This past spring I graduated from the Nashua’s first “City Academy.” Through the police department’s presentation, I learned that since 1991, our police department has consistently met all 463 standards of the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc. (CALEA). This accreditation and organization is “synonymous with excellence in public safety standards.” Only 17% of the nation’s police departments are CALEA accredited (according to my handwritten notes from that class).

And as highlighted on the police department’s website, “The department was awarded “Flagship” status in 2010. A “Flagship” designation is awarded to agencies that represent an extraordinary example of excellence in all aspects of law enforcement.The Nashua Police Department is one of only eight other departments in the state that are internationally accredited.”

nashua police

Nashua Police Chief Andrew Lavoie

Additionally, the Nashua Police Department Bomb Squad is accredited by the FBI. It’s one of only two bomb squads in the state. Even Manchester, a much larger city than Nashua, does not have its own bomb squad.

And the department’s rigorous standards extend to its hiring. Of the many qualified candidates who test to join its ranks, only 3% are hired.

Our law enforcement and first responders are one of the reasons so many of us rest our heads easy at night. Thanks to those agencies for all they do to keep us America’s safest city.


If you’re keeping count, this is not the first “Best Of” list to include Nashua in its rankings. Earlier this year, Nashua ranked on National Geographic’s “Happiest Places to Live” and Money Magazine’s “Best Places to Live.



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