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Nashua Election Results (Unofficial)

Nashua Election Results

Oh guys, hang in there with me. As we wait out the too close to call state and general election, here’s the totals of how Nashua voted – but these do not denote overall winner – these are just Nashua numbers:


Clinton – Kaine – D  22428

Trump – Pence – R          17391

Stein – Baraka – G            346

Johnson – Weld – L         1702


Colin Van Ostern – D    21179

Chris Sununu – R           18227

Max Abramson – L          1886

United States Senator

Maggie Hassan – D 21820

Kelly Ayotte – R  18578

Brian Chabot – L 775

Aaron Day – I  1024

Representative in Congress

Ann McLane Kuster – D  21405

Jim Lawrence – R           17033

John J. Babiarz – I           1985

Executive Councilor

Dan Weeks – D                 20531

Dave Wheeler – R             18234


For all city of Nashua totals, click here.

Clearly, Nashua leans more blue than the rest of the state. I’ve highlighted who got the most votes in Nashua, not the rest of the state, by placing that person first.

But can I just add – Nashua, you’re awesome. And to all the volunteers who crisscrossed the city knocking on doors to make sure people had the information to vote, banked phone calls, held up signs, gave rides – be proud of how you spent this election, and thanks for your hard work. (Some day, the rest of this crazy state will catch up.)



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  1. I’m proud that my city was an oasis of sanity in the Granite State. Well done, Nashua.

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