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My First Time at Salvation Army’s Apple Fest at Sullivan Farm

It was Autumn in all it’s glory Saturday at the Salvation Army’s Apple Fest at Sullivan Farm. Being my first Apple Fest experience, the huge turnout and the sheer number of things there were to do surprised me. I think Sullivan Farm is one of the most beautiful places in Nashua (that classic red barn just gets me) and I love love love this event. I also wish I had known a few things ahead of time, so if you’re planning on going next year, here’s a rundown and some tips! (I have no tips however, on the Apple Slingshot. Such a simple game, but so hard to do.)


Attendants were on hand to guide you to parking. There was even parking in the orchard.


100% of the proceeds benefit the Salvation Army. You don’t need a ticket to the event, but you do need tickets for food and games. It’s a $1 a ticket, and you’ll probably want to buy them in sheets. (Safe to assume if you come with kids, you’ll be buying at least $20 in tickets.) Most of the games, like the hay ride, apple toss, face painting, are just 1 ticket, same with water and chips. The popular bounce castle was 5 tickets, and hot dogs were 2. (And cash only to buy the tickets.)

Here’s just some of what there was to do:

  • pony ride, hay ride                                                       guess the doughnut weight
  • pumpkin painting, face painting                               scarecrows
  • bounce castle                                                                 shopping
  • apple slingshot                                                              go inside a fire truck
  • darts                                                                                shoot water guns into hole race
  • apple picking, apple pie and ice cream                    cornhole type game (not my best description…)

One of the Salvation Army spots for tickets. (Inside the barn were apple pie slices and Haywards ice cream. I’d give them ALL my tickets for just one of those things!)


Also a nice chance to do some shopping. #eatlocal


You walk behind the barn, down to…


The game area.


Just a casual koi pond. The sign pointing towards scarecrows was also a long line for a pony ride.


The Nashua Fire Department is so awesome. My nephew LOVED getting to go into the truck, and the firemen were so helpful getting kids in and out, pointing out what things were.

It’s dusty on the farm, so wear the right shoes! There were lots of dusty, flip-flopped feet. And even though it was the most gorgeous, 80 degree September day of your winter dreams, it gets hot in the sun. Especially when you’re standing in line in said sun. I could have used a hat, and shorts! The event starts at 8am, and that probably would have been the best time of the day to bring my nephew and step-niece. The cooler weather and morning energy would have allowed us to spend more time there I think, and fit in some more games.


One of the mayoral candidates was on hand to help give out hot dogs and food (I think anway… )


A spot to nosh on some hot dogs, burgers, chips and much needed water. (I wish this sit down area had been covered, or in shade. It was a hot day in the sun!)



the apple slingshot



It was really long wait for the hay rides. Really long.



But worth it! It was a 10 min, bumpy, fun tour through the orchard.


And some vendors on hand.

While most of the games might seem geared toward kids, there’s plenty of challenging games and food for adults as well. You can easily spend the whole day here, spending as much or as little money as you like, but knowing that all the money goes to charity. On top of it all, it’s so wonderful to be on that beautiful farm, in that apple orchard, surrounded by plump orange pumpkins. Is it just me, or when you’re there, can you smell those apples in the air?


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