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Celebrating Beer, BBQ and Nashua at Millyard Brewery Grand Opening

It’s a good time to be a beer drinker in Nashua.

Saturday marked the Grand Opening of Millyard Brewery, and with it comes the answer to Nashua’s thirst for better beer. Brewing up to 2,000 barrels a year with 100% natural ingredients, Millyard joins the rich NH craft beer scene as the Gate City’s first nanobrewery.


Where: Millyard Brewery, 25 E. Otterson Street, Nashua, NH 03060


As someone who writes about and loves Nashua, can you imagine for a moment the hope I had for a beer named “Nashua”? As I stood in the long line in the packed picnic area, I made a commitment to taste the beer without letting the name hold any sway over my opinion. In other words, I wouldn’t go in with a rosier outlook just because I wanted it to taste good.

But the moment the bright, slightly citrus-y pale ale touched my lips, my fears dissolved and the Nashua Pale Ale became my new favorite beer. But seriously, not because of the name.  “A rose is a rose by any other name” as Shakespeare would say. It was fresh and crisp and I would have stuck with drinking just that all day if it wasn’t for this post and knowing I should sample more.

Millyard Brewery


All tips were donated to the High Hopes Foundation

It was only 3pm when I arrived, but the huge crowds had already finished the porter and pilsner. If you were lucky enough to try them, please let me know how they were in the comments below!

The only miss for me during the day was the Jackson India Pale Ale. For some reason it tasted like soap to me (and to the person I was with). I couldn’t tell if it was a bad batch or my palette, but I’ll be sure to try it again in the future to find out. I moved on quickly though, diving into a bold yet balanced Penacook Strong Ale that went perfectly with a hot dog from Riverside BBQ. The winner of “Best Wings” at the Gate City Brewfest last year, it seems like anytime there’s great beer around, you can also find their great food. Not a bad association if you ask me.

Millyard Brewery

So how can you support your local brewery? Stop by Millyard’s tasting room to sample a flight or make a purchase, join their Beer Club, or order it at one of the two area restaurants that have their beer on draught, Nashua Garden and Riverside BBQ.

And if you’d like to explore more NH craft beer, don’t miss my post on the Nashua bar with 32 local craft beers on tap.

MIllyard Brewery

The tasting room itself is pretty small, with three tables and minimal decor, but I think the relaxed atmosphere keeps the focus on the beer.

While Millyard isn’t actually located in the millyard (yet) it pays homage to the great mills of the Merrimack Valley in each beer name, from the Nashua Manufacturing Co. to Jackson Manufacturing Co. to mill founder Kirk Boott. And as the mills once gave this city character, so too does this local brewery.

Personally, I can’t wait for guests to come over so I can pull out a growler and offer them a “taste of Nashua”.


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