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MAZA Mediterranean Grill – A New Exit 1 Restaurant

Two weeks ago a new fast-casual restaurant popped up on Exit 1, and as my hummus-loving luck would have it, it’s Mediterranean.

Where: MAZA Mediterranean Grill

Address: 274 Daniel Webster Highway, Nashua, NH 03063 (in the plaza near Toys R’ Us and Trader Joe’s)


MAZA Mediterranean Grill

Most people by now are aware of the health benefits of Mediterranean food, and this is a great spot to quickly get a variety of healthy protein/grains/veggies. If you order a plate (i.e. chicken kabob, falafel) you get the choice of three sides plus pita bread. I was PUMPED for the side selections. Hearty pieces of grilled vegetables, stuffed grape leaves, hummus, couscous, cucumber and tomato mint salad, chickpeas…. I was in heaven. Everything looked fresh, seasoned, and delicious.

MAZA Mediterranean Grill

MAZA Mediterranean Grill

And while my meal was great (and so filling!) I have to admit this one, heartbreaking truth: my pita bread tasted like straight up chlorine. I have never met a bread I didn’t like, but this pita bread is one for the record books. It not only had a funky taste, but it was too thin and dry. It didn’t have the warm, fragrant, puffy pita qualities that make wrapping up your food in it so inviting.

It was also the strangest thing I’ve ever seen a restaurant, but the employees seem to use the main dining hall as a break room. They were hanging up their coats on chairs, I saw one employee take a cell phone break, and another on his laptop (probably the manager). I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt that maybe their break room isn’t finished being built or something, but I felt as if I was intruding into someone’s home…. quietly eating while they went ahead with their daily lives.

MAZA Mediterranean Grill

There was also a spoon incident…. MAZA offers both silverware and plastic cutlery. I pulled out a spoon though, that was CAKED in what looked like dried hummus. It looked like it went through the dishwasher and just didn’t get clean. I think if they want to offer silverware they have to do what Panera does, and hand it to you on your plate when you get your order. That way employees can check for cleanliness. Otherwise, just offer plastic cutlery.

MAZA Mediterranean Grill

These are small kinks that I’m sure they’ll work out as they get up and running. Overall, MAZA is a bright, open space with booth, table and bar style seating. It offers a great selection of healthy, hearty and full-flavored food. And like other fast-casual restaurants, it delivers higher quality ingredients in a comfortable setting, making this a great spot to pop in for salad, wraps and plates of Mediterranean heaven.

Ending on a sweet note. Mmm baklava.

Ending on a sweet note. Mmm baklava.

2 Comments on MAZA Mediterranean Grill – A New Exit 1 Restaurant

  1. I went to Masa yesterday for lunch, and I LOVED it. I paid close attention to their pita bread. It’s cold and dry, but I didn’t notice any bleach/funky smell. The place will be my go-to place if I want something quick.

    BTW, as a Nashua resident, I found your blog greatly enjoyable and highly informative. Please keep up the good work.

    • GraniteStateGirl // April 9, 2016 at 10:36 am // Reply

      Thanks for your kind words! And I’m so glad to hear you had a different experience with the pita bread. I haven’t been back since it opened, but I’ll be sure to check it out again, and look forward to that pita bread when I do!

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