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The Best Italian Sub in Nashua?

Sure, it’s a Nashua institution, but does Jeannotte’s Market’s claim as the maker of the best Italian sub hold true? Read on for a mouth-watering look at a classic sandwich.

Where: Jeannotte’s Market, 2 Courtland Street, Nashua, NH 03064

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Jeannotte's Market

Here’s my criteria: I’m looking for a heaps of cold cuts and cheese crammed between soft bread and topped with fresh dressed veggies and hots. It’s also about the ratio. One reason I’m not a huge fan of the fast food chain Subway is that I feel like I’m just eating bread. Bad, chemical bread.

Here’s what I found: Jeannotte’s crafts a perfectly balanced Italian sub. I love the thick slice of provolone and the diced veggies, which makes it easier to get the right mix of flavors in each bite. The bread is fresh, soft and soaks up just enough of the oil and vinegar so that it doesn’t drip everywhere or wet down the sub too much.

Order a “small” and you’ll be amazed at the size. It’s a huge, satisfying sub for only $5.45.

Jeannotte's Market

Jeannotte’s opened its door in 1889. Originally located on Chestnut Street, this Courtland Street branch opened in 1942. It’s the oldest store in continuing operation in Nashua, and stopping in to order a sub feels like a throwback to the small local corner store. If you come in during a lunch rush have no fear as they’re quick behind that counter!

Jeannotte's market

They’ve got you covered on drinks and snacks to go with your sub – I have to avoid looking at the whoopee pies every time I come in –  but it’s definitely the subs that will bring you into this friendly corner market. Especially the Italian sub, which gets my vote as the best in town.

Disagree with me? Let us know in the comments below where in town you love to grab a sub!

Jeannotte's Market

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