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How to Report a Pothole in Nashua

You’re driving down Amherst St. and then BOOM! You’ve hit a pothole, you’ve screwed up your alignment, you’ve damaged your rim, or even punctured a tire.

How to report a pothole in Nashua

Have no fear. Nashua doesn’t want this to happen to you. If you spot a pothole, report it to the City and the Streets Department will attempt to repair it as soon as possible.

Streets Department Pothole Hot Line – 603-589-4797

Have you seen the newly redesigned City of Nashua website? It looks great, is easy to navigate, and has so much more information on it than before. You can also report potholes online through a link on that site – check it out:

Keep in mind that during winter they use a temporary “cold patch” material that might need to be reapplied several times until a permanent repair can be made in the summer.

Help your fellow drivers out. Report a pothole and save someone’s alignment today (or maybe even yours)!



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