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DIY Stool to Planter Stand

Once there was an old, beat up wooden stool. He didn’t have any stool friends anymore, and thus he had no purpose in life. It was scary to sit on him, and even scarier to look at his chipping wood.

His owner wanted to make him useful again, but didn’t want to spend any money or a lot of time. So she made him into a pretty plant stand.

The Tools:

  • Sandpaper (120 grit) ($3.98 at Home Depot)
  • 8 oz. white paint and primer sample found in the Oops aisle of Home Depot for $0.50
  • Paint Brush
  • Piece of lace
  • Potted Plant


Whenever you’re in Home Depot of Lowe’s be sure to check the “Oops Paint” aisle (I think Lowe’s calls it “Mistint”). These are paints that 1. people returned because it wasn’t the right tint or 2. someone had the paint mixed but for whatever reason never picked it up 3. the clerk made a mistake and maybe mixed an extra gallon. There are ALWAYS these little 8 oz. samples of paint and primer in white. They are so handy to have around for smaller projects. For this stool, 8 oz. is more than enough for two coats. There are usually gallons and quarts in there too, if you need something bigger. Stores will usually re-tint these if you’re looking for a specific color, so don’t be afraid to ask!


Here’s the lonely old stool:


STEP 1: Using the sandpaper, lightly scruff the stool to make it easier for the paint to adhere to it.


STEP 2: Wipe down the stool to remove any dust from the sandpaper. I used this organic cleaner from Whole Foods that works on wood. (It’s one of my favorite smells.) Allow it to dry.

STEP 3: Paint first coat. Allow to dry.


STEP 4: Paint second coat. Let dry.


STEP 5: Because the upper legs were so distressed, and to jazz it up a bit, we added some lace over the top. The lace was round in the center, making it fit perfectly over the stool as it hangs. You can find something like this at Jo-Ann Fabrics or The Christmas Tree Store.

And after just a day, we went from boring to useful!



Here is the lonely old stool, freshened up and brightening his new spot:


It’s not a life changing, extravagant hack – but who has the time and patience for that kind of project? Plant stands can be pretty pricey, and this was simple, inexpensive and fun. I hope it inspires you to find something old and beat up in your life and give it a new purpose!


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