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Work from Home? Try Co-working at the Library

“People may go to the library looking for information, but they find each other there.” – Robert Putnam

For all of its perks, working from home can sometimes feel isolating. It requires an enormous amount of self-discipline to stay focused and meet deadlines without the traditional structure of a work office. You must focus yourself in an environment that offers easy distractions. You miss out on the camaraderie of having co-workers who ask how you are, offer support and break up a boring work day.


If you’re in this boat, the Nashua Public Library is offering its Activity Room on Fridays from 9am to 5pm for its “Co-working on Court” program.

You can set up shop with your own materials, or borrow the library’s laptops for up to two hours. It also provides free high-speed Wi-Fi, a large screen monitor, and small conference rooms for meetings. Printing is available for 15 to 25 cents a page.

The program is free and does not require registration.

Need a break from working remotely? Spending money at busy, loud coffee shops not conducive to getting work done? Head over to the library!

Where: Nashua Public Library, 2 Court Street, Nashua, NH


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