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Bobo’s Indoor Playground

UPDATE: Bobo’s is now closed. (My nephew and I are sad.) If you’re looking for a similar kind of place, check out Funtagious in Tyngsboro or Funworld off Exit 1.

Is there anything more joyful than a child squealing as she speeds down a slide? Or the giggles that emanate from inside a bouncy house? I guess at some point you go from being the child having fun to the adult that feels so happy from just watching. That’s how I felt with a giggly, wiggly, little nugget of delight, my nephew Dominic, at Bobo’s Indoor Playground. (Although to be fair, I also went down the slide…)

Where: Bobo’s Indoor Playground, 522 Amherst St, Nashua, NH 03063



It’s a very narrow space, with colorful umbrellas hanging from the tall warehouse like ceilings. I guess the narrowness makes it easier for parents or babysitters to keep an eye on their tot from the benches along the side. BRING SOCKS! It’s a no shoe area. If you forget they also have some for sale at the front desk. No snacks allowed either.


  • Walkers are $8
  • Crawlers are $4
  • Infants are $2, unless they are the sibling of another child you’re with, in which case it’s free
  • Adults are free with the paid admission of a child (up to 2 adults)

A little play area under the slide was the perfect place for Dom to do some cooking then slide us the plates as we sat on the little bench. To the left, the opening of the bounce house!


There is one bounce house with a smaller slide attached, and then another bouncy slide that’s wide enough for an adult to go down with a child. So if you’re like me, you’ll convince the child you’re with that they want to go down the slide a million times, so you can go with them, because it’s so. much. fun. And surprisingly fast.


The first bounce house with a small slide.


My little monkey nephew from inside the bounce house.


The bigger slide – so much fun (for me).

There’s also a little rocking climbing area, because children are like spider monkeys.


For those under 3 years old, there’s a small super padded area for crawling and exploring.


Bobo’s is a no frills playground, where a kid can hop on a bouncy horse, then grab a scooter, then jump off to throw a ball in a basketball hoop. And isn’t that the best part of being a kid? Everything is an adventure. Anything can be made a toy.

And even an adult can have fun, crawling along with them, sliding down the slide. Or maybe the fun is having a little break on the side while they run around the open gym. I’m not a parent, but I bet this place is a lifesaver in the winter.



Bobo’s is also available for private birthday parties. Check their website because their hours vary and they’re sometimes closed for private events.

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