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6 Practical Winter Driving Hacks

You’ve been working 8 hours and you shuffle out to the parking lot to find your car has become a mountain of snow. Or maybe you don’t have a garage and the morning wake up sight of your car makes you decide to just stay inside until spring. We all feel the pain of snow + cars. Below, I’ve collected some of the internet’s best tips to get your car on the road faster with everyday items you already have in your home.


  1. Got an old pair of socks? Place them over your windshield wipers to keep them from freezing to your window. Extra points if they’re wool socks, which can also give you traction if you need to push your car. Just place the socks over your shoes and push!
  2. IMG_7189Speaking of traction, if you’re a cat owner with some kitty litter in the house, place some litter under your tires as a substitute for sand if you’re in a pinch.
  3. Place a heavy object like the above mentioned kitty litter, or even just some free weights, in your trunk over the back tires. The extra weight will help if you have a rear wheel drive.
  4. Grab some ziplock bags from your kitchen and place them over your side-view mirrors to keep frost at bay. I also do this because I always brush off the car, get inside, and realize I forgot to brush the passenger side mirror.
  5. IMG_7190Mixing a solution of solution of 3 parts vinegar to one part water or rubbing alcohol and water makes a quick and easy ice defroster for your window. Put in a spray bottle and spray over the windshield to save yourself the hassle of scraping that hard to break ice.
  6. Spraying a cooking oil like Pam on your shovel will help the snow slide right off, and it also prevent your doors from freezing shut if you spray it around the seals the night before.

But what am I telling these to you for, Granite State drivers! You are the winter driving pros. What are you favorite steps to get your snow-covered car on the road? Share your must-do winter driving hacks for everybody in the comments below!



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