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Behold Alec’s Shoes Behemoth New Spot

It’s a new behemoth spot, but the same personalized, old-fashioned shoe buying experience.

Where: Alec’s Shoes – 1617 Southwood Drive, Nashua, NH 03063


Alec's Shoes

I spent the days leading up to Christmas looking for a snazzy pair of shoes as a gift for my Dad. Wading through messy aisles strewn with shoes, chasing after employees to find the right size, visiting 3 or 4 stores in the mall just to compare selections; it was miserable.

And then he hated the shoes I picked.

That’s how I ended up sitting in a leather chair at Alec’s new location, relaxing while an employee helped him find a pair in his style and size.

Alec's Shoes

Alec's Shoes

I know most people were sad to see Alec’s leave downtown. At one point I would have agreed. But not having to drive through countless lights and then search for a parking spot makes for a pretty wonderful experience. The new location is right off the highway, near that strip of Amherst Street that’s quickly filling with trendy spots. (Check back in tomorrow for my post on PIGTALE, my favorite restaurant in town!)

Alec's Shoes

Behold the sheer breadth of shoe stock.

It’s an airy, open space with helpful, friendly employees wandering around to lend you a hand. It’s brimming with shoes on clear displays with great lighting.

Should we even call it a store? It seems more like an emporium.

Alec's Shoes

Self-service clearance area.

Happy shoe hunting!

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